Tribeca Global Total Return Fund

Investment Aim

The aim of the Tribeca Global Total Return Fund (the ‘Fund’) is to generate reliable capital growth by investing in all liquid asset classes while managing volatility and correlation to major market risks. It aims to provide investors with a total investment return, which outperforms the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index Index over the long term.

Why Total Return?

The main benefits of a Total Return strategy are:

  • Broad and flexible investment mandate provides opportunities to exploit a wide spectrum of alpha sources
  • Naturally defensive strategy generates attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns throughout market cycles
  • Exhibits lower correlation to traditional asset classes therefore when incorporated as part of a diversified portfolio enhances overall returns while decreasing the level of risk assumed

Key features

  • Capital allocation across a wide spectrum of asset classes, geographies and time horizons provides significant diversification
  • Pursues both absolute and relative value trading sub-strategies to maximise alpha generation
  • Active in liquid trading markets, which offers the ability to quickly exploit opportunities as they present themselves
  • Strategy can be tailored to suit varying levels of risk
  • The Fund has differentiated itself in terms of producing both positive absolute returns and diversifying the risks of institutional portfolios since inception

Investment Team

The Fund is managed by Chris Daily, who has over 15 years of investment experience. Sean Fenton who is the Portfolio Manager of the Alpha Plus Fund lends structural robustness to the quantitative research process. They are supported by a team of experienced investment analysts with an average of 16 years investment experience and six years at Tribeca.

Investment Style

Tribeca believes that a central pillar to achieving long term total return is through identifying multiple sources of returns across many asset classes. The Fund invests in a diversified range of investment and trading strategies which span most liquid asset classes and markets.  We combine systematic and discretionary factors leveraging proprietary trading models and broad macroeconomic research. The multi-strategy approach leverages both absolute and relative value trading strategies to capitalise on a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Risk management is integrated into to the entire investment process.

Current Investors

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