Craig Evans

Portfolio Manager

Craig Evans

Craig Evans joined Tribeca in 2016 as co-Portfolio Manager for the Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund. He has over 20 years of Financial Markets experience. For the last 15 years Craig has been focussed on running long / short investing, trading and financing businesses across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia for Macquarie Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Craig spent over 15 years with Macquarie and five years with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and has a track record of providing a diverse range of Global natural resource corporates with advisory and financing solutions in addition to committing significant capital to successful global long / short businesses across asset classes. Craig’s focus over the years has been on consistent absolute return performance in a risk aware manner.

He has had senior executive responsibilities and company directorships in his prior roles in each region globally. As such, he has deep knowledge of global market dynamics and strong connectivity within the focus markets of the fund.

Craig holds Bachelor of Business (Finance / Accounting) from the University of Technology, Sydney.